Terms and conditions


In our online store you will find a real variety of dresses, skirts, ladies shirts, trousers, jeans, T-shirts, sportswear and outerwear.

The offered clothes are made of high quality materials, follow the current fashion trends and rely on the image of the brand.

In order to facilitate the customer, the products are arranged in several main categories and subcategories. Each online item is accompanied by a description of its size. The image further illustrates your idea of ​​the product. This allows you to judge whether what you see matches your search.

NEGATIVE-ONLINE.COM is an online store that lets you freely browse and choose branded goods, saving time and money. We take care of your maximum convenience - you shop directly from your home with just a few clicks and the desired items reach you within three business days.

The transfer currency for payment by card is in BGN.

NEGATIVE-ONLINE.COM have no access to card data, only our serving bank.

In order to prevent you from misusing your payment with your Visa or MasterCard card, we apply the best practices recommended by international card organizations:

- The security of card data input and transfer is provided by using SSL protocol to encrypt the connection between our server and the payment page of our serving bank

- The authenticity of your card is verified by entering a security code (CVV2)

- In addition, for your identification as a cardholder, the payment server for e-commerce of our serving bank supports the authentication schemes of the international card organizations - Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode, in case you are registered to use them.

Our team of professionals can competently advise you or direct you.

The maximum comfort and security of our customers is what we strive for. Come and convince yourself! We are expecting you!


You can pay for the goods you want to order using the following payment method:

1. Cash on delivery - directly to the courier when you bring the shipment to the address you specify;

2. Direct payment by credit / debit card;


Replacement takes place when the resulting product does not meet your expectations. You have the right to replace the item with another one. If the numbering does not answer, please type the desired sheet size in the envelope of the returned product to know which number to replace it. You can also do so by contacting us at +359 886 255211

You have the right to choose whether to replace the product or get your money back. You can replace the item for a completely different item by paying the corresponding difference in the amount.

Within 7 business days after receipt of the goods, you are entitled to return or replace it under the following conditions:

- Good product appearance. It is not dirty, worn, hungry, scratched, burned or torn.

- No malfunctions due to improper use.

- Preserved original packaging.

- Preserved original label. Our advice is good to judge if the garment meets your expectations before breaking the label.

- Upon customer return or return, the courier costs are borne by him / her.

If we need to refund card-paid amounts on services contracted and performed by us, this will be done by us through a credit transaction on the card with which the payment was made.


Reclamation occurs when the product you have has defects (torn, frayed, broken).

Within 30 days of receiving the goods, the customer has the right to return it if it meets the following conditions:

- Good product appearance. It is not dirty, worn, prank or hungry.

- Preserved factory packaging.

- Preserved original label. Our advice is to review the purchased product before breaking the label.

If you meet these conditions, you have the right to replace the damaged item with another, and if you do not wish we will refund you the money back. The refund is only made by bank transfer.

Additional payment services - "LEO EXPRESS".