About us

NEGATIVE WEAR is a trademark owned by BOGARA Ltd. (PAUSE JEANS). It is one of the leading manufacturers of CASUAL clothing. Today, more than ten designers contribute to the vision of NEGATIVE WEAR brand products. Negative WEAR collections are available in the best stores in Bulgaria. The products are made entirely of high quality materials and materials from Italy. Innovation, charisma and quality are the key features of the brand, thanks to which customers can look perfect and have their own unique style. Unconventionality and a sense of comfort are at the heart of all models bearing the NEGATIVE WEAR brand. All models are made for people who want to look different on their own. NEGATIVE WEAR products capture the lifestyle impulses in the big and small town.

NEGATIVE-ONLINE.COM is owned by Negative 12 Ltd. UIC 204721829

3, Nezavisimost Str., contact phone +359 88 6333666, email: bogara@abv.bg, pavel@pausejeans.eu, sales@pausejeans.eu;